1.HAZRAT  ADAM (peace be upon him)

2.HAZRAT  NOOH (peace be upon him)

3.HAZRAT  HOOD (peace be upon him)

4.HAZRAT  SUALEH (peace be upon him)

5.HAZRAT  IBRAHIM (peace be upon him)

6.HAZRAT  LOOT (peace be upon him)

7. HAZRAT YUSUF (peace be upon him)

8. HAZRAT SULEMAN (peace be upon him)


Since quite long we require a book in English which may give us knowledge of past people’s evil deeds and their reformers sent by God in the form of His messengers time to time. The writer felt its necessity and wrote these methods of their reform adopted by messengers of Allah The Writer used quite simple language so that common people may understand easily about the lives of messengers All the facts explained in story form just to keep reader’s interest completely.

In this book writer explained about the role of Satan (disobeying angles). How he misguided Hadrat Adam (A.S) and Bibi Hawwa in the heaven and made conspiracy to bring them out of the heaven.  Since then human beings came into existence on earth.  The Writer explained the evil deeds of various people who were betrayed by Satan, and various messengers were sent by God to reform them time to time.  When these people became adamant to accept the orders of Allah preached by messengers continued worshipping idols, and remained indulge in ill deeds then God’s wrath fell to perish them completely and saved only those who were true followers of God’s Messengers.

The writer explained the various old situations faced by Hazrat Adam (A.S), Hazrat Noah (A.S), Hazrat Hood (A.S), Hazrat Sualeh (A.S), Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S), Hazrat Loot (A.S), Hazrat Yusuf (A.S), and Hazrat Suleman (A.S).  All the Messengers remained firm to their belief in Allah and discharged their duties according to God’s orders. They did not give up their mission even in hardships.

We hope the readers will be benefited after reading this book and will follow the right path through out their lives.

HAZRAT ADAM (Alaihis Salaam)

There was a time when no one lived on the earth. Then Allah Ta’ala willed to in habit it with human beings. The first human being, He created was Hazrat Adam (Alaihis Salaam). He was made of clay; All of us are his offspring’s.

Allah had created genii and angles even before the human beings, when he willed to create Hazrat Adam (A.S) he said to the angles, “we will send him as our khaleefa (vice gerent) on earth.”

Do you know who is a khaleefa? We tell you. Suppose you have some property. If you appoint some one, giving him necessary instructions, to manage the affairs of that property, he will be your khaleefa there. Similar is the meaning of appointing man as khaleefa on earth. This is Allah’s earth and He has sent here man to perform certain duties. He has also given him necessary instructions. Therefore man should do here everything according to Allah’s will; those who do accordingly, are Allah’s true khaleefa.

So, when Allah told the angels that He wanted to send man as His khaleefa on earth, they said, “we are afraid that this man will do mischief  and bloodshed on earth, while we are there to praise Thee and are always engaged in Thy worship,

Allah said, “You do not know what I know. How do you know what qualities we have stored in man? When sent to earth, he will discover the hidden treasures there with the help of his wisdom which we have granted him avail himself of our creations. Now tell me if you know about those things. “”Our Lord”, replied the angels, “We don’t know anything more than what you have told us. You are All-knower and All-wise.”

Than Allah asked Hazrat Adam [A.S] if he knew about those things. Hazrath Adam (A.S) told every thing because he had know about everything on earth with the help of the wisdom which Allah had given  “Do you see,” Allah, then said to the angels, “we had told you that we have knowledge of everything in the heavens and earth, whether they are open or hidden.

There after Allah ordered the angels to bow down before Hazrat Adam (A.S) and accept his superiority. All of them obeyed to Allah’s command, but Shaitan (Satan), who was also present there, did not do so. Instead, he proudly said, “I just can’t bow down before this man who is made of clay while I am better than him because I am made of fire.”

Allah did not like this proud attitude of Shaitan and expelled him from His court. He was abused and will continue to be cursed till the Doom’s day when he and all his followers will be thrown into Hell.

Allah also created for Hazrat Adam [A.s] wife ‘Hawwa (Eve), to live with. Hazrat Hawwa (A.S) is the mother of all mankind. Then Allah sent both of them to Paradise. There were very good fruits and other delicious eatables and comfort there. He asked them to live there and eat and drink whatever they wished. He, however, forbade them to go near a certain tree as it was of no use to them. They lived on in Paradise happily.

On the other hand, Shaitan was very sad over his expulsion. But instead of accepting his guilt, repenting, and seeking Allah’s forgiveness he became adamant with anger and pride. Believing that Hazrat Adam (A.S) and Hazrat Hawwa (A.S) had caused his expulsion from Allah’s court he decided to take revenge. As he was aware of Allah’s command to the two about the particular tree, he one day approached them with an innocent face and said. “Do you know why Allah has given everything to you in Paradise but forbidden you from going near that tree! In fact, this is a very good tree and anyone who eats its fruit will never die. He will rather become an angle.” Swearing repeatedly, he said, “I am telling all this only because I am your friend well wisher.”

Deceived by the innocent-looking man who claimed to be their friend but was, in fact their enemy, Hazrat Adam (A.S) and Hazarat Hawwa (A.S) one day ate the forbidden fruit. As soon as they did so, their bodies were stripped of the heavenly attire and they were left naked. Poor Adam and Hawwa covered themselves with tree leaves. But unlike Shaitan, they immediately realized that they had committed a grave mistake and annoyed their Lord. Soon, they started beseeching Allah and seeking His forgiveness. Allah liked this and forgave their mistake. He also told them Shaitan was their open enemy and that they should not be deceived by these words.

           After that Allah sent both of them to earth. He asked them to live there for some time and do such deeds as pleased Allah. He also told them all such things that please Him. Thus Hazrat Adam (A.S) was the first Messenger of Allah. Allah also told them that whoever of them did good deeds and lived in the world as His true khaleefa, would be sent back to Paradise after death and whoever did not tread His path, would be thrown into Hell along with Shaitan.

                 Things to Remember

  1. Man has always been man, and the offspring of Hazrat Adam (A.S). Those who say that men’s ancestors were monkeys or apes, are wrong. They are in darkness and deprived of Allah’s teachings.
  2. To err is human, but those who repent and seek Allah’s forgiveness are loved by Him while those who do not accept their mistake and repent, the brothers of Shaitan. They will be thrown into Hell.
  3. The first man who inhabited this earth, Hazrat Adam (A.S), was the Messenger of Allah. Thus Allah not only provided food and shelter, to man but also arranged for his guidance to the right paths from the very beginning.
  4. Man is the khaleefa of Allah on earth. It is his duty to utilize His bounties according to His will; Man has no authority or claim of ownership over anything here. The state belongs to Allah and should be governed according to His will and command.
  5. Those who obey Allah and follow His orders are His noble servants. They will find a place in Paradise in the Hereafter. Those who deny Allah’s existence and are not His true khaleefa, will be thrown into Hell because they annoy Allah.

HAZRAT NOOH (Alaihis Salaam)

Hazrat Adam and Hazrat Hawwa (Alaihumas Salaam) lived on in the world for a long time. Their offspring increased manifold, spread all over and settled in far flung areas. Go some days they kept in mind what their grand father Hazrat Adam (A.S) had told them. But with the Passage of time, they began to forget the good things preached by Hazrat Adam (A.S) and their God. They would make idols of their ancestors and worship them on any thing that benefited or frightened them. Then Allah sent another of his noble servants, Hazrat Nooh (A.S) as his prophet to preach them good things.

Do you know who is a prophet! A prophet is a noble man chosen by Allah to convey His commandments and will to His servants on earth.  Such noble men are called prophets. These prophets convey Allah’s message to His servants and preach them to follow the path shown by Allah. They have been sent by Allah in all parts of the world to spread Allah’s message to every people.

Similarly, Hazrat Nooh (A.S) called his people towards virtue, prevented from the evil and stopped them from worshipping false gods and deities. He said, “My brothers, obey and worship none else than Allah, who is your God. Listen to me and give up worshipping all other gods. If you do so, Allah will forgive you, bestow on you honour in the world and a place in Paradise in the Hereafter.

When one accepts Allah as one’s Lord and follows His orders, one cannot do anything according to his own will nor can one usurp others property nor he will be free to do any or everything. He will have to live like a noble man and serve others, sometimes sacrificing his own benefit and sometime putting his life in danger for the sake of truth and justice. But those who put their own benefits and pleasures before any thing else are incapable of doing all this. Some what similar had become the condition of the people of Hazrat Nooh (A.S).  They had got so much spoilt as to defy any reformation attempts. They would close their ears and run away when told good things or asked to act according to Allah Will they were very proud.

Hazrat Nooh (A.S) made every attempt to back them, conveyed Allah’s message at their meetings and in the markets and approached them individually at their home. He repeatedly asked them to not to revolt against to one who had created them and provided food and shelter. He asked them seek Allah’s forgiveness and return to Him who was most Merciful, who sent down showers, provided wealth and children caused rivers to flow and grew fruit and grain. He asked them why they had turned their face from their Lord who had given them wisdom, made them good human beings, created the heavens, the earth, the sun and the moon, which gave them warmth and  light, and grew plants from the earth in which they walked, and lived.

He also reminded them that they had to die one day and would not live the world of ever. He told them that after death they would return to Allah and get reward for their deeds, good and bad. He reminded them that they could not escape from Him.

Hazrat Nooh (A.S) preached his people for 950 years but none, except a few, listened to him. Instead, they followed their elders who were proud of their wealth and children Even his son did not need to his call and reminded with the Kafirs. [A Kafir is one who does not believe in the existence of Allah and His prophets.] These Kafirs became the enemy of Hazrat Nooh (A.S). They were led by those who were rich and chieftains of their people. They started hatching conspiracies against Hazrat Nooh (A.S). They would laugh at him and ask who, except a few bad mannered persons, had heeded to his call. They would say that none among the notables was with him and that these mean and low caste people should not be allowed to sit with them.

Hazrat Nooh (A.S) tolerated all this but continued his mission. He was firm in his resolve and knew fully well that he was doing everything only to please his Lord. He did not give up his mission and remained stuck to his work.

Evil does not always prosper. Allah keeps His grip loses as long as there is the slightest hope of reform among His servants. Therefore, when the people of Hazrat Nooh (A.S) refused to follow their prophet, Allah decided to eliminate them from the surface of the earth and informed Hazrat Nooh (A.S) that His wrath would soon befall his people. He was also ordered to build an ark; big enough to accommodate all the Muslims and one pair each of all the animals in that habitation.

Hazrat Nooh (A.S) got on with the job of making the ark. People were amazed because there was neither sea river to float the ark on.  They ridiculed him and said: “See, the old man will float the ark on land.” Aware of the matter, Hazrat Nooh (A.S) replied, “Don’t laugh’ because you will soon know what is the matter.  Then we will be laughing at you.”

The day finally arrived when the wrath of Allah was to fall lone the Kafirs. Suddenly water streams began to rush out of the earth and even ovens were filled with water. From the sky also, heavy rains started falling, rivers started overflowing and there was a deluge everywhere. Everything was under water.

Hazrat Nooh (A.S) had already climbed on to the ark along with his companions. The ark was floating on the water while the entire habitation was sinking.

For the last time Hazrat Nooh (A.S) turned to his son who ad joined the Kafirs, and said, “My son, leave the company of these cruel people. Obey Allah’s order and climb on the ark.” Not heeding to his father’s advice, he replied that he would save himself from water by climbing on top of a mountain.

“None except my Beneficent Allah can save you today,” cried Hazrat Nooh (A.S) even as he was saying so, a high wave carried away his son along with all the others outside the ark. Hazrat Nooh (A.S) pleaded with Allah: “O” Lord, My son has also drowned. You had promised me that you will save my family but it was my son who has also drowned.”

“No”, Allah replied,” he was no more from among your family members as he would not do good deeds. He was, in fact, from amongst the Kafirs. If you do no know even this, why do you plead with us?”

Then Hazrat Nooh (A.S.) understood everything. He sought Allah’s forgiveness and realized that everyone would get the reward according to his deeds, even if he was a prophet’s son.

None except those who were in the ark was alive. The deluge had by now started receding and the raining stopped. The ark of Hazrat Nooh (A.S) stopped atop a mountain, Judea by name. The noble servants of Allah and Hazrat nooh (A.S) came out of it and lived and settled there with all the families and mercies of Allah in the world. Evil vanished and virtue started prospering. Only those noble servants of Allah, who were called as mean and low-caste, had survived and were made the owners of the earth.

Things to Remember

  1. Habitual evil-doer does not like good things.
  2. It is not an easy task to call people towards good because one has to face a lot of big problems for this.
  3. When the noble servants of Allah show the Right Path to the people they do not think who listens to them and who does not. They go on doing their work. Hazrat Nooh (A.S.) also continued to do this for 950 years.
  4. Allah allows His servants to go their own as long as He wills and till there is the slightest hope of their reforms. But when they do not accept His sovereignty, Allah’s wrath befalls them and then He clears the earth of evil-doer.

HAZRAT HOOD (Alaihis Salaam)

After Hazrat Nooh (A.S.), Allah bestowed wealth and strength on another people called “Aad” people were very proud of their strength. They had large gardens. They would build high buildings and lived so luxuriously as if they would never die. Proud of their affluence, they had started committing atrocities on the poor people. The rich and the high ups among them had created a lot of disorder Drunk with the power of wealth; they had forgotten Allah and started worship of hundreds of gods and goddesses.

When the people of “Aad” were totally spoilt and had forgotten the good things told by Allah, Allah created for them a messenger to show the right path. He was Hazrat Hood (A.S.)

Hazrat Hood (A.S.) called his people towards Allah. He said to them, ‘None except Allah is worthy of worship. No god or goddess deserves this.  Man is the servant of only one God, and that is Allah. Man should always follow only Allah’s order as none else’s can reform one’s life. The Lord and Creator of everyone is Allah. You have no right to rule over the weak and to perpetuate atrocities on them.”

On this chieftains of “Aad” said, “O Hood (A.S.), you are stupid. Whatever you are saying is all falsehood and concocted by you.”

“No brothers, “replied Hazrat Hood (A.S.), “It is not so. I have been sent by Allah as His prophet. I am saying everything on behalf of the Creator of this universe and for your good. I am calling you towards the one who is the Sustainer of the whole world. See, the same Lord has made you the owner of this earth after the people of Hazrat Nooh (A.S.) and you are aware of their fate. They has also refused to accept these things and adopted the course of evil, leaving that of virtue. They had also forgotten Allah and you know their fate. You too will not be spread if you refused to obey Allah who has given you wealth and strength.”

After listening to all this, the chief  of the Aad people said, “How can discard the religion of our forefathers and describe as wrong their traditions? Were our ancestors so stupid as to have worshipped these gods and goddesses? We cannot agree with you.”

“O brothers”, replied Hazrat Hood (A.S.), “It is not good to blindly follow the earlier people. Your Lord has granted you wisdom. Why don’t you yourself think whether I am saying right or wrong? Why don’t you consider that I am not demanding anything from you. Remember, if you did not heed to my advices, the Lord of his world will sent His wrath on you in the same manner as He did on those before you. If you pay scant attention to His word, its consequences will be very bad.”

The people of Aad were drunk with wealth. All these talks looked odd to them in view of their luxuries and comforts. They laughed these away and said,”O Hood (A.S), you seem to have been cursed by one of your gods and you have gone mad. That is why you are talking like this. Any way, you often threaten of the wrath, then why don’t you call it right now. We have decided no to follow you as we have heard such things so my times in the past.”

Not impressed by their argument, Hazrat Hood (A.S) continued to teach them but succeeded inpermading very few people. The rest of the people remained unchanged.

Finally, Allah decided to send His wrath on this people. One day a cloud appeared from one side of the sky. Every one became happy and said, “Today a cloud has appeared. Heavy rain will fall as it is needed.” But they were unaware that the cloud there were happy at was, in fact, the wrath of Allah for which they had wished. It was not a cloud but a hurricane the like of which had never been seen before. The hurricane was the wrath of Allah to destroy the people of Aad. It continued for seven or eight days and up rooted everything with its force. High building and big tree came down and non one except Hazrat Hood (A.S.) and his Muslim companions were spared in the entire habitation. It was totally razed to the ground and looked deserted for ages,

The remnants of the Aad people’s habitations can be seen even today in the south of Arabia, where this people lived. When the Holy Quran was being revealed, the Arabs passed through these remnants knowing that there lived a very strong people.

Things to Remember

1.      A man drunk with wealth often forgets Allah and tends to worship the gods of his own choice.

2.      Man is the servant of Allah and he should live as such, obeying Allah’s orders.

3.      To follow the prophets of Allah is a must for obedience to Allah. Without it the obedience is in complete.

4.      The traditions of our forefathers may be right as well as wrong, but we should accept only the right ones and give up the wrong ones.

5.      Continuous disobedience to Allah leads to nothing but destruction and devastation. The disobedient peoples fall a prey, later or sooner, to Allah’s wrath.

6.      We have a lesson in the circumstance of the people before us.

HAZRAT SUALEH (Alaihis Salaam)

After the people of Aad, Thamud’s people progressed and prospered. They had everything like wealth, higher buildings, green fields, and orchards of dates. But gradually they also fell to evil ways and began to forget Allah. The elders among them became rich and proud and oppressed the poor and the low, Like capitalists, they wanted to possess everything even at the cost of there miseries and difficulties. They did not bother about others and always looked for their own benefits. The excess of wealth had made them blind and they had begun to do whatever they liked, forgetting Allah.

Then Allah created Hazrat Sualeh (A.S.) to show the Right Path to the people of Thamud. Hazrat Sualeh (A.S) said to them, “Brothers, do you not fear Allah ? Don’t forget that none else is your Lord and Sustainer. It is He who created you, inhabited you on this earth and provided you various kinds of things for your living. Therefore, you should worship only Him.”

The Thamud people did not heed as these things appeared strange to them. They said, “O Sualeh (A.S.), we had pinned high hopes on you because you are an enterprising young man among us. But it is strange that you ask us to abandon our gods, whom even our forefathers respected and worshipped. We have doubts about what you are saying.”

“Brothers,” “replied Hazrat Sualeh (A.S.),” the Lord of this universe, who is the Lord of you and me also, has sent me to you as his prophet. I am not saying anything my own but on behalf of that Lord. Fear Allah and accept what I say. And, you know, I don’t demand anything from you in exchange of it.”

The Thamud people said’ “strange you are a prophet. How can you be the prophet of Allah while you are also a man like us. It appears some one has cast a spell on you that is why you are talking all this.”

“My brothers,” said Hazrat Sualeh (A.S.), “It is not so. I say everything on your Lord’s behalf. And I am also scared who will protect me from His grip if I don’t obey Him and convey His message to you. All I ask you is to give up obeying the rebels against Allah, who spread mischief on earth and cannot bring about any reform. Only Allah is worthy of worship and obedience.”

After having listened to all this, they finally said, How can we accept that you after the prophet of Allah unless you show us a sign to prove it. Only then can we accept what you say.”

On this, Allah suddenly created a she-camel which was a little different from others. Hazrat Sualeh (A.S.) then said to those people, “see this she-camel is one of the signs of Allah’s creation. Let it graze freely and do not tease it. If you still did not at listen to me and started teasing it, will imply that you are not all prepared to accept Allah. If you do so, Allah’s wrath will befall you and you will be annihilated.

“You should not forget that the wealth you boast off has been given to you by the same Allah who provided you shelter on this earth after the people of Aad. Thank Allah for his bounties and do not spread mischief on earth.”

Agreeing with Hazrat Sualeh (A.S.) some poor and weak people joined him. But the rich and the elders, who were their enemy, asked them, “Do you really accept Sualeh (A.S.) as the prophet of Allah !”

“Yes,” the weak people replied,” we believe that Hazrat Sualeh (A.S.) that Hazrat Sualeh (A.S.) is the prophet of Allah,”

On this, the proud people said, “We call false whom you accept as true,” and turned to the she-camel which Allah had created as His sign. They first chopped off its legs and then killed it. Then they proudly said to Hazrat Sualeh (A.S.), “If you are the prophet of Allah, as you claim to be then inviting the wrath of Allah of which you often frighten us.”

“All right,” replied Hazrat Sualeh (A.S.) “enjoy yourselves for three more days in your houses and then you will see that my vow is not false,”

Do you see how much the people of Thamud had got spoiled? As there was no hope of their return to the Right Path, Allah decided to eliminate them. His wrath befell those who had refused to accept what Hazrat Sualeh (A.S) had said and Allah saved with His mercy Hazrat Sualeh (A.S.) and all those who had followed him.

It so happened that on the third day of the killing of she-camel, a big earthquake caught all the rebels against Allah unaware in their sleep and in the morning, all of them lay prostrate and dead. It looked as if no one ever lived in that habitation, because it was entirely rendered as a heap of bricks and debris.

We should not forget that Thamuds were deprived of Allah’s blessings because they had refused to accept His orders. We have a lesson in these incidents of the former peoples. There is no way to prosper with peace except thought the obedience of Allah and His Prophet. 

HAZRAT IBRAHIM (Alaihis Salaam)

Allah sent His messengers repeatedly because man has a tendency to forget Allah. These prophets showed man the Right Path. Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) was also one of these prophets.

The family in which Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) was born used to make idols, sell them in the markets and worship them.  Similarly, all the people of that country worshipped such gods and goddesses, forgetting Allah. They would bow down before them and seek the fulfillment of their wishes from them; they would worship stars, the sun and the moon too. In this way they had deified many gods, leaving God.

Recognition of God by HAZRAT IBRAHIM [A.S.]

After Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) attained some age one observed what his family and people had been doing and wondered how the idols made by them could have the strength to accomplish their tasks and incur loss or profit to them. This thought often haunted him. One night is so happened that he saw a bright star in the sky and the people started worshipping it. Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) said, “It is my Lord.” But, soon the star began to disappear, the disappearing star do not appeal me”.

After some time, the shining moon appeared and Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) said, “This is my Lord.” But that too disappeared after sometime on which he said, “This too is not my lord. He is someone else. Had He not shown me the Right Path, I too would have gone astray like my people”.

With the outset of the morning rose the sun, bright and shinning. Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) said, “Yes, this is milord. This is the biggest.” But came the evening and the sun too hid its face. Disappointed, Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) said to his people, “Brothers, I have got fed up with these “gods”. They seem to be subservient to someone’s command and abide by laws made by someone to fulfill his wish. They can neither rise nor disappear according to their own will.

“Brothers, I will worship only Him who created the earth and the heavens and on whose orders are moving the sun and the moon. My Lord is one and I do not accept anyone else as His associate. It is not correct to worship the sun and the moon as they themselves are moving on My Lord’s direction. I have abandoned all of them and become the worshipper of Allah alone. I cannot associate anyone else with Him.”

When his people heard all this, they said to Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) “It has been the practice of our forefathers to worship these things. Were our ancestors stupid? Would they not understand anything?”

Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) said, “Do you really make a dispute Allah, who showed me the Right Path. I am not scared of you nor do I fear your gods and goddesses, whom you have made associates of Allah. Everything happens according to my Lord’s will. He is All-Powerful, All-knowing.

“And why should I fear those things which you have made Allah’s associates since I know well that it is false and has no substance. All this is concocted by you yourselves. Those who have faith in Allah are strong and on the Right Path.


When Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) realized that Allah had shown him the Right Path and given the knowledge to discover the right thing, he one day talked his father who would make idols, sell them in the markets and also worship them. He said, “My father, why do you worship the idols who can neither hear nor see, nor are of any worth for you. My father, all that you are doing is Shaitan’s business. I advise you not to obey Shaitan as he himself has been distracted and has disobeyed Allah. I fear lest Allah’s wrath befall you. Then even your friendship with Shaitan will not come to your rescue.

“My father, Allah has given me knowledge and if you please. I can show you the Right Path.”

After hearing all this, the father of Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) got very much annoyed and said: “So, you have finally turned your face from our gods and goddesses. Listen, if you don’t turn back, I will stone you too much. Get out of my sight.”

Saddened at his father’s harsh words, Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) said, “All right, turn me out if you so desire. I can only pray to my Allah to bless you, forgive your sins and show the Right Path. I am prepared to give up the gods and goddesses whom you worship but do not want to leave and forget my Lord.”

Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) was turned out of his house.  He gave up everything for the sake of truth.

Continuous Preaching

Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) told the people at his village what he had said to his father. He would preach them what he had accepted as truth. He said, “What is this that you make these idols with your own hands and then worship them. Can these idols incur you any benefit or are they capable of harming you?”

They replied, “But this has been the tradition of our forefathers and we have seen that they too used to worship idols in the same manner.”

“Brothers, “replied Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) “you are mistaken idol-worship is always wrong whether done by you or by your elders. An evil does not become a virtue only because it has been done by someone earliest. It is absurd to say that an age-old tradition is always good. Man should apply his own mind and judge what is good and what is bad.”

They said, “Well, you call idol-worship as wrong and not a good thing but please tell us if you have anything better and truer than this. It is not a joke or game to declare at will any thing as bad”.

Why not, “answered Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.), “I tell you that you’re true Lord I He who is the Lord of this earth and the heavens and created all these.”

The people listened to all this but could not refute since they knew that the creator and the Lord of this universe is someone else but it was very difficult for them to give up idol-worship practiced by their elders. They would listen to what Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) said but do what they wished. Therefore, he one day thought; “Now I will play a trick in their absence.”

New Style of Preaching

On day when all of them had gone somewhere leaving Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) behind, he pulled down all their idols except the big one. When they returned they got very angry and said, “Who has behaved like this with our gods it must be the handiwork of someone very cruel.” “Who else, “intervented one of them”, but the young man called Ibrahim (A.S.). We should call him and show to all the people what he has done.”

When Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) went there, they asked him, “O Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.), have you done all this to our god”?

Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) replied, “why don’t you ask this big one. It would have done all this. It will tell you everything if it can speak.”

Hearing this, all of them started thinking and wondering that they worshipped such gods as could not look after themselves what to say of others. Ashamed, they said to Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.), “you know that this big one cannot speak. Now, please you tell us how all this happened.”

Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) said, “Brothers, just think that you have rejected Allah and worship those who can incur you neither profit nor loss. I am fed up with you as well as your gods and goddesses whom you worship. It is strange that cannot you understand who is the real Lord and the Master of your fate.”

Decision to Kill the Prophet

All the people become furious at this as they could now come to know whose handiwork it was to destroy the idols. They suggested to throw Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) into fire as revenge. Soon a big heap of firewood was set aflame and Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) thrown into it.

And Lo. and behold, the fire became cool by the command of Allah because He had to assign him several tasks. We have not been told how it happened, but it so happened that Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) was saved from the fire.

None can kill whom Allah wants to save. The enemies Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) had done their work and thrown him into fire believing that his fate was sealed. But how can fire burn a thing unless ordered by its Creator to do so. One who can enable it to burn something is also capable of turning it into harmless and cool.

Migration (Hijrat)

By now Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) had fully know that his people would not accept what he had said to them and now it was futile to further preach them. Therefore, he decided to move to some other country and invite people there to the Path of Allah.

Leaving his house, his father, other family members, relatives and everything behind, Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) started traveling from one place to another and preached Allah’s teachings to the people and invited them to the fold of Allah. Now Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) had become very old.

Service of Islam by the two sons

In his old age, Allah endowed Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) with two sons, Hazrat Ismael (A.S.), the elder, and Hazrat Ishaq (A.S.) the younger.

Like a man prepared to utilize all his means to accomplish a task, Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) decided to involve his two sons in the task which he had been doing all through his life. He left Hazrat Ishaq (A.S.) in Syria and settled Hazrat Ismael (A.S.) at a place in Arabia where Makkah is situated. Leaving his wife and the elder son at the lonely and barren field, he prayed to Allah, “O my Lord, I have left my offspring at a land which is completely barren.

O Lord, save me and my sons from worshipping idols as many people have gone astray and begun to worship idols and forget you. Lest my sons should also follow them. O my Lord, I have settled my sons in this part of the earth. So that they establish Namaz. O my Lord, provide them food and water and create various kinds of fruits by your infinite mercy.”

Test Case for Hazrat Ibarahim

Calling Allah’s name is easy but dedicating one’s entire life for His sake is not. Allah also tests those who decide to tread His Path. Similarly, when Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) decided to give up the religion of his fore fathers and adopt Allah’s Deen, he was put to a severe test by Allah. He had to abandon his land, abode and everything and put his life at stake. With all this, he proved that nothing is dear to him before Allah’s will. But one test still remained for him and it was to be seen whether his love for his sons was any more than for Allah.

Sacrifice of the Son

It so happened that one night Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) saw in his dream that he was slaughtering his son, Ismael (A.S.) He soon realized its implication and called Ismael (A.S.) and told him what he had seen in the dream. After listening to this and also realizing what Allah demanded of his father, Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.), the son of a man who had never gone against the will of his Lord given up everything to please his Allah and given away his sons for the establishment of Allah’s Deen, replied: “My father obey the command given by Allah. You will, God willing, find me steadfast.”

How good were those fathers to whom nothing was dearer than Allah and the sons who got ready even to sacrifice their lives at the call of Allah. As a matter of fact, whatever we possess belongs to Allah and no to us. This is what Islam means; that is what man should accept and be prepared to sacrifice everything in the way of Allah when called for. He should learn that he will obey Allah’s command and nothing will be dearer to him than Allah.

So, when the two noble servants of Allah Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) (may Allah bless them both) got ready to execute Allah’s order and the moment Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) laid down his son, Ismael (A.S.), it was proved that to Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) Allah’s commandment was dearer than his own son, and that was what was to be judged, Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) materialized what he had seen in his dream and like a Muslim, got ready to sacrifice the thing which was dearest to him at the will of Allah.

Allah accept his sacrifice and said, “No doubt, you have materialized your dream and now there is no need to sacrifice your son.”

Lesson for us

All of us are also Muslim and believe that whatever we possess is not ours but belongs to Allah. We have also affirmed to obey Allah’s orders, to reject others nor care for others wishes. There is a lesson also for us in what Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) had done. That is why we commemorate it every year by sacrificing animals on Baqr-Eid (Eidul Azha). When we sacrifice the God-given animals in his way, we, in fact, refresh our belief that our life and property belong to Allah and after ready to sacrifice everything in His way when called to do so.

Allah’s Friend

How severe tests were Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) put to; He lost his abode, was expelled from his country, thrown into fire and had to wander from one country to another. But he proved himself up to the mark and, above all, surprised everyone by getting ready to sacrifice his beloved son at the slightest instance of his Lord. That is why Allah called him as His friend and made him the leader of the mankind.

When told by Allah that “we make you the leader of world,” Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) asked Him if the same status was being awarded to his sons also. On this Allah replied.” See, my declaration is not for those who tread the wrong Path and oppress themselves.” It is not true that a person is dear to Allah only because he belongs to a particular race of family. But the one who does good deeds and passes one’s life with the belief in Allah as one’s Lord and sustainer, is dear to Allah.

Construction of Kaabah

After this Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) began to construct Kaabah by the order of Allah. Kaabah is a place in the Arabian city of Makkah and was exclusively built for the worshippers of Allah. While raising its walls, Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) and Hazrat Ismael (A.S) were busy in praying, “O our Lord, accept our effort. You are the listener to our supplications and All-wise. You are fully aware that we are building this house only to earn your pleasure. O Lord make us true Muslims and created such persons (Muslims) amongst us as would obey only your orders. Teach us how to worship you and forgive our sings. You are the Merciful the Forgiver.

“O our Lord, create amongst us a prophet who would recite your scriptures and convey your orders to the people, enable them to understand your Deen and clean them of evils.

“O our Lord, you are All-Powerful, all-wise.”

At the completion of the world on Kaabah Allah ordered Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) to keep it clear of the filth of idol worship.

He told him that it was Allah’s house only and asked him, therefore, to keep it from those associating others with Allah and turns it into a house of peace so that people from all over the world could come there and return after learning the lesson of worshipping only one God.

Then these people should spread the message of the oneness of God all over the world, circumambulate the house, and bow down before Allah, i.e., practice Namaz.

Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) fulfilled Allah’s command and made Kaabah the biggest centre of the oneness of God.

This is the description of the life and teachings of Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.). Now think how great a stupid he is who neglects these things. The best thing for a man is to recognize his true sustainer and obey only His orders. This is what Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) displayed during his entire lifetime. Whenever his Lord ordered him to perform some task, he did it immediately said,” I am an obedient servant of only the Lord of this entire universe.”

Last will

During the last hours of his death, Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) called his sons, grand son and other family members and said to them, “O my sons, Allah has liked for you the Deen which I have taught and preached you. Now I advise you to live all your life as Muslim and die as a Muslim.” 

HAZRAT LOOT (Alaihis Salaam)

Hazrat Loot (A.S.) was the nephew of Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.). He was also the prophet of Allah. When Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) left his country, his nephew also accompanied him, He was sent to Syria to show the Right Path to a people there who lived near a small ocean called the Dead Sea. This sea is several thousands of feet below the sea level.

Hazrat Loot (A.S.) told first these people some salient features of Islam.

He said: [1] “O people, your Lord is the one who created you. You should, therefore, worship Him and follow His orders only, [2] Brothers, do everything according to the will of Allah and always fear Him lest you should earn His displeasure, [3] to please Allah, do what I ask you to do and follow me, [4] I do not demand anything from you as price of my work. Allah ill reward me and I do not have to take anything from you.

After these sermons, Hazrat Loot (A.S.) tried to prevent these people fro the dirty practice of sodomy (sexual intercourse with males) which they were addicted to. Before those people, none was aware of this thing and they were the first to do this shameless act.

As you know a man involved in evils gradually tends to like them. Therefore, when they heard Hazrat Loot (A.S.) advising them to give up the practice of sodomy, they got annoyed and retorted, “So you are the one to have descended on us a noble man. If you happen to be so, we will turn you out from our habitation. Deliver these sermons somewhere else; we have no place for you.”

Hazrat Loot (A.S.) tried a lot to make them understand and openly told them about the bad consequences of displeasing Allah, who is All-Powerful and whose grip is very stiff. He asked them to fear Allah’s wrath. “I will lose nothing. You all will be annihilated in the world and earn Allah’s wrath and Hell will be your permanent abode in the Hereafter,” he told them.

But the people gave no ear to what he would say. Consequently Allah’s wrath befell them. One day it so happened that some guests came to the house of  Hazrat Loot (A.S.).

They were apparently boys and very beautiful. When those people saw them evil intention overtook them. Hazrat Loot (A.S.) got very much worried on this attitude and asked them not to insult his guests. What has happed to you? Is there not a single one to teach you good things,” he asked and said, “Allah has created woman for man marry them since it is good for you. Anything instead of this is very dirty and a great sin. There are a lot of girls amongst the people who are like my daughters. Marry them.”

Ignoring what Hazrat Loot (A.S.) said the bad elements from amongst the people replied, “You are aware of our object. We have nothing to do with women and we are not going to agree with you.”

Hazrat Loot (A.S.) was very much worried as to what he should do, at the same time his guests said to him, “You need not worry. We are angels and sent by Allah we have brought, which is not far away.”

Allah uses His angels to implement His orders. These angels run the entire administration of the world and bring Allah’s bounties as well as His wrath for the people. This time they came in the form of beautiful boys. And what the bad elements of those people did with them proved beyond doubt that they could not be reformed.

Hazrat Loot (A.S.) once again told them everything but they were unmoved and refused to follow him. The angels said to him, “Now the time for Allah’s wrath has approached. You, along with all you Muslim companions, go far away from this habitation.”

Hazrat Loot (A.S.) did the same and left his wife behind with the Kafirs as she had not so far believed in Allah. These are only a man’s own good deeds that can save him from Allah’s wrath. No relative can do this. A woman can not be dear to Allah just because she is the wife of a prophet. Only those men and women are ear to Him who does everything in accordance with his well.

As soon as Hazrat Loot (A.S.) and his companions left the habitation. Allah’s wrath befell it in the form of a volcano. The entire habitation was up side down. Stones rained on it and within moments there remained no sign of those who had disobeyed Allah. They were erased from the ground as if they had never existed.

Allah’s grip is very strong. None can postpone His decrees. He is All-Powerful. These things have a lesson for those who do not obey Allah and follow the path shown by His prophet.

Things to Remember

1.      When a man has no fear of Allah, it becomes difficult for him to tread the path of salvation.

2.      The messengers of Allah, who bring His message, are not angles or God incarnates.

3.      Allah has given wisdom to every man. He should utilize it. It is not good to blindly follow the path of one’s ancestors.

4.      It is the greatest virtue to the true at every cost.

5.      One who has realized that Allah is the Lord of this universe and worthy of worship, he should show the tics the right Path and be ready to face any difficulty.

6.      To please Allah is the greatest wisdom. Everything can be abandoned to invite others to His Deen.

7.      A Momin (true believer) can sacrifice every thing including his wealth, children, abode, relatives and even his own life. But he can never turn back from his Deen nor can he stop inviting the people to the Deen of Allah. Such man is the true believer of Allah.’

8.      To remain a Momin and Muslim and turn one’s children also as such is the greatest success of a Momin.

9.      The root cause of a man’s downfall is the neglect of Allah. Whenever you find a vice in some people, first of all create in them the faith in Allah land firm belief in the Hereafter. If this faith is not restored, people cannot give up vices.

10.  Those people who do not believe in the message of Allah and reject it are kept alive only till there is a hope that at least some of them will tread the Right Path. When this hope is also not there, Allah’s wrath befalls them and destroys them. Those amongst them, who adopt virtue and invite others to it, are spread from the wrath of Allah.

HAZRAT YUSUF (Alaihis Salaam)

You have read about Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.). He had two sons, Hazrat Isamel (A.S.) whose generation settled in Makkah and Hazrat Ishaq (A.S.) who settled in Syria.

Hazrat Ishaq (A.S.) had son named Hazrat Yaqub [A.S.]. He lived in the Keenan city of Syria. Allah had given him twelve sons. One of them was Yusuf (A.S.) another was Yameeen the real brother of Yusuf (A.S.). All others was step-brothers.

Among them Hazrat Yusuf (A.S) was the most intelligent and noble. When he as only 16 years old, he saw a dream and in the morning told this to his father. He said, “Father, last night I saw a dream in which I saw that eleven stars, the sun and the moon are worshipping me.”

After hearing this, Hazrat Yaqub (A.S) replied. “My son, don’t tell your dream to your brothers lest they should tease you.  It occurs to me that your Lord will choose you for His mission. He makes you His prophet, grant wisdom and, like your grand father Ishaq (A.S.), and great grand father Ibrahim (A.S.) bless you.”

Hazrat Yaqub (A.S.) loved Hazrat Yusuf (A.S) among his sons the most because he was noble and very intelligent since childhood. Now he had learnt that Allah had decided to assign the task of Prophet Hood to Hazrat Yusuf (A.S). Therefore, his love for him had increased. Other brothers did not like it. They were jealous of Hazrat Yusuf (A.S).

In Arabia, during those days, the family that consisted of strong sons, grand sons, brothers and cousins was respected. Such a family always had an upper hand over all others and therefore, people loved their strong sons. The brothers of Yusuf [A.S], used to maintain that as they were stronger than him only they could be useful at a bad hour. According to them, Yusuf [A.S] who was weak of all could not do anything all alone, therefore, their father should love them more and they considered it their dishonour if Yusuf (A.S.) was loved more than them.

One day all the brothers, expect Yusuf [A.S], gathered at a place and said, “It seems our father has gone astray. He should have respected us because we are a full lot. It is wrong on his part to love Yusuf (A.S.) more than us. Let’s, therefore, kill Yusuf (A.S.) or leave him at some far off place. When Yusuf (A.S.) will not be among us, father will naturally love us more.” One of them suggested to throw their brother into a well, In a jungle, instead of killing him from where he could be taken along by some caravan passing by.

All of them liked this suggestion and went to their father. They asked him, “Father, why do you never send Yusuf (A.S.) along with us anywhere. Do you have no trust on us? We are his well-wishers. Please send him with us to the jungle to enjoy and play. We will protect him”.

Their father replied, “I am worried to send him with you. I fear lest you should be careless and some wolf eats him up.”

“But we are a strong lot, “the sons said, “How can a wolf eat Yusuf (A.S.) when we are there.” They somehow managed to get their father’s consent and one day took Yusuf (A.S.) towards the jungle. As decided, they threw him into a well.

They Allah consoled Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) and made him believe that one day or the other he would remind his brothers of their mischief and that day they would feel sorry over their deed. His brothers were to aware that Yusuf (A.S.) was being encouraged by Allah and of the result of their mischief.

Before throwing Yusuf (A.S.) in the well, they had removed his Kurta [cloth worn on the upper part of the body] and falsely stained it with the blood of an animal. At night when they returned home, they went to their father weeping and said, “Father, while we were busy in playing, and seated Yusuf (A.S.) to look after our belongings, a wolf appeared from somewhere and ate him up. See this is his blood stained Kurta.”

Hazrat Yuqub (A.S.) did not believe them and said, “You have certainly made some mischief or deceit. I can not believe what you say. I will only keep patience and seek Allah’s help.”

On the other hand, when his brothers had left after throwing Yusuf (A.S) into the well, a carvan happened to through there. They sent one of them to fetch water from the well. As soon as he suspended the bucket into the well, he saw a boy into it. He cried out, “Congratulations. We have found a boy here.”

The people of the caravan pulled Yusuf (A.S.) out of the well and immediately hid him planning to sell him in the market. How could they know that everything was happening by the order of Allah and He was aware of everything?

The caravan was going from Madina to Egypt. They took Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) also with them and sold him out there for a very few coins. They did not expect any other benefit from Yusuf (A.S.)

The king of Egypt had a minister whose name was Fotifar. He was the highest official treasury. He was called Aziz. He had purchased Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) from the caravan people. He had understood that Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) belonged to a respected family and somehow fallen to the caravan people. From his talks with Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) he had known that he was very intelligent.

Aziz had no sons. He said to his wife, “Look after this boy well. He may prove to be beneficial for us or we may even adopt.

At that time Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) was about 18 years of age. Soon Aziz authorized him of everything at his home, and handed over the management of his property and business to him.

So far Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) had spent a rural life and had all the qualities of a villager’ He was born in the family of Allah’s messengers. He was a devotee of Allah and very noble. Due to the open atmosphere of the village, he had very good health. Now Allah had landed him in a country renowned for its living.  Moreover, he had now entered a house where he could learn governance and the administration of the country. It looked as if he was being groomed by Allah for His mission in the future.

Allah the Beneficent, on the one hand provided Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) with a good shelter in an alien land. On the other, He arranged for his training like of which only princes could get. It is true that Allah does fulfil His work but many people do not know about the compulsions behind what He does.

Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) live on at the house of Aziz till he was young. The name of the wife of Aziz was Zulaikha. One day when Aziz was not at home, she closed itself with Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) into a room, with evil intention, and said to him, “Come closer to me.”

Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) replied, “God forbid, my Lord has bestowed on me so much honour and such a shelter. How can I do this evil deed? I cannot do it. My Lord does not grant success to the sinners.”

At this, that woman moved towards Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) Had he not realized Zulaikha’s intention and replied spontaneously, he could also have moved towards her. But Allah had saved him from bad and dirty things.

When he saw the woman coming to him he rushed to the door. But the woman was very shameless. She followed him immediately and caught hold of his Kurta. Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) tried to pull it back. In the scuffle a piece of it remained into the woman’s hand and Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) rushed out of the room. She also followed him. As soon as they come out of the room, they confronted with Aziz. At this the woman was flabbergasted and immediately asks him “what is the punishment for a man who has an evil intention about your wife.”  Before he could answer, she herself replied thus: “What else accept that he should be imprisoned or given severe and exemplary punishment.

When Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) heard this he said, “She is telling a lie. In fact, it was she who was flirting me. But I did not agree.”

In the meantime, a relative of Zulaikha appeared on the scene. Knowing, perhaps, about the character of Zulaikha, he understood everything and very wisely suggested, “Let’s first see the shirt of Yusuf (A.S.); if its front portion is pierced, the woman is true and if its back portion is pierced, then the woman is telling a lie and Yusuf (A.S.) is speaking the truth.” The suggestion was logical, were the shirt of Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) the front, it would imply that he would have moved towards the woman and then pushed away by her. In the scuffle his shirt might have been torn. Since the shirt was torn from the back it meant that Yusuf (A.S.) might have tried to save himself and the woman might have tried to catch him from the back. One more evidence was in the form that Zulaikha’s garments were not torn nor her body bore any sears. The position was contrary to it to clarify the whole thing.

Aziz then understood everything and cried at his wife and said, “This is all your mischief. It is true that you women are very tricky.” Turning to Yusuf (A.S.) he said, “Yusuf, forget it, and asked his wife “Say sorry to Yusuf as it is your mistake.”

Now the entire city was aware of what Zulaikha had done. Women said “Aziz’s wife has blindly fallen in love with her servant. It looks she has committed a folly.” When Zulaikha heard this, she got angry. So one day she invited all the women for a meal and seated them on coushions.  She put some fruits and a knife before each of them. As soon as these women started cutting the fruits, she called in Yusuf (A.S.). When the women raised their eyes towards Yusuf (A.S.), they were taken a back, Instead of the fruits; they cut off their own fingers and exclaimed, “O God, he is not a man but an angel.”

Zulaikha said, “Look at him. He is the person about whom you were defaming me. I flirted him but he escaped. Now I have decided to send him to jail if he did not obey me. He will be debased there.”

See how shameless the Women of Egypt were in those days. Today Europe is proud that they have given equal status to women and they are also free like men. But you can judge how shameless the Egyptian women were. The fact is that Satan’s hirelings have always been almost the same.

When Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) come to know about Zulaikha’s ill intentions, he said, “O my Lord, I will prefer imprisonment to what she calls me for. O my Lord, save me from these tricks lest I shall be entrapped and thus be amongst the uncivilized.” At this stage Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) was at the peak of his youthfulness. Ladies of high families would flirt him and compel him for committing sin. But he stood firm and noble even amongst such evil persons. God’s fear kept him away from sin.

If one wants to become pious, and decides to follow the path of righteousness, Allah also helps him. True to this fact, Allah heeded the prayer of Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) and saved him from the trap of those evil women. He is the All Knower, All-wise.

These people put Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) into jail to avoid bad name and commit atrocities on him. But the ladies of respectable families knew that he was innocent. Thus all the people became aware of the pious thought and nobility of Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.). His mission in future also required that he should be fully known. The propagation of his nobility and piety was necessary for the message of Allah which he had to deliver to the people of Egypt.

In the prison two young men also joined Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.). One of them was a bar tender to a king and the other a kitchen officer. They were sent to the imprisonment by the king for some offence.

One day both of them told their dream of the previous night to Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.). One of them said, “I saw in my dream that I am preparing wine.” The other added, “I also saw a dream I dreamt that I have some loaves on my head and birds are snatching at them.” After having described their dreams, they said to Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.), “You seem to a nice man, please tell us their interpretation.”

Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) replied, “I will tell you their interpretation before you get today’s meal. My Lord Has endowed me with this knowledge. In fact, I have given up following those who have no faith in Allah and refuse to accept the truth of the Hereafter. I have accepted the Deen of my forefathers Hazrat Ibrahim, Hazrat Ishaq and Hazrat Yaqub (Alaihimas-Salaam). We do not associate anyone with Allah. It is His mercy that He showed us the Right Path of Deen, made us His servants and relieved us from the clutches of others. Those who refuse to be Allah’s servant are compelled to serve others. Most of the people are the servant of Allah alone and, therefore, tend to serve others.

“O my jail-mates, just think whether to serve and fold hands before many masters is better than serving one master who is One and All-Powerful. You have forgotten Him and serving others who are no more than that they have been named by you and your forefathers and you have started worshipping them as gods and goddesses. What ever you say or do bears no proof from Allah.

“Do not forget that Allah is the Sovereign. He is the Ultimate Authority. It is His command not to worship a one else except Him. This is the right course of leading life but many people do not know this.”

“O my jail-mates, now listen. The dreams you saw the other day means that one of you will offer wine to his master i.e. the king of Egypt. The other will be hanged to death and birds will eat away his head. You fate has been decided.”

This is what Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) talked to his jail-mates and how he taught them the lesson of the Oneness of God and the Hereafter. For us too, there is a lesson in it.

Then Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) turned to the man who was to offer wine to his king and said, “When you go to the king tell him about my condition.” But he forgot to do so and Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) had to remain in jail for several years.

One night the king saw a dream. He told it to his courtiers, “I saw in my dream tonight that seven fat cows and that seven ears of corn are green while another seven are dry. O my ministers, now tell me if you can, what does it mean.” They replied, “It is a dream about which we know nothing.” But one of the two prisoners who were with Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) in jail, and was present there, recalled him. First he mentioned everything about then said, “Send me to Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.). I will tell you the meaning of your dream.”

The king sent him about the meaning of the king’s dream and said, “I hope that after hearing this they will come to know how noble and good man you are.” Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) said. “You people will have a good harvest for first seven years. During these seven years you should eat only what you can and save your entire produce and leave the grain in the ears of corns, Because after those seven years there will be very little harvest and you will have to eat what you would have saved during the first sever years’ After those hard seven years, you will have enough rain for one season. Your crops will be very good and sufficient.”

When the king heard this, he asked to bring Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) to him. But when the king’s people went to Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.), he said, “Go back to your master and ask him to first make it clear why I have been put into the prison. In this regard, those women who had cut their hands should be interrogated. Although my Lord is aware of their hypocrisy, you should also know what had actually happened.”

After hearing this message of Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.), the king enquired about the whole thing and asked those women, “How did you find Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) when you tried to flirt him.” All of them said in one voice, “By God, we saw nothing wrong is Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.).

When Aziz’s wife Zulaikha came to know about the enquiry, she also had to say, “Now the whole thing is open. In fact, when I tried to flirt him round, he and bring him proved to be totally true and innocent,”

After hearing this Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) said, “What I actually meant by this enquiry was that Aziz should also know that I did not deceive him. I know Allah does not make the attempts of deceivers successful. Although I do not claim that I am entirely a pious man. A man’s self instigates him to commit evil deed, but he can certainly abstain from evil if he is blessed by my Lord. My Lord is All Forgiving and Most Beneficent.”

The king replied. “Bring Yusuf (A.S.) to me, I want him to assign some of my special tasks and make him my special man.”

When Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) went to the king and had talk with him, the king said, “We respect and trust you fully. Therefore, we want you to take charge of the country’s food system in your hands,” Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) replied, “All the treasure of the country should be handed over to me and let me do what I want, I can look after the country as well as the countrymen. I also know how to carry out this task.”

The king agreed to it Thus Allah granted him the reigns of the government of Egypt and he was authorized to do whatever he wanted in the entire country. This is how Allah gives. He gives to whom he wants and whatever, He wants. In fact, He never disappoints the pious people. As far the reward of the Hereafter, which in the true reward for Momin, it is very good for those who have faith in Allah and follow His orders abstaining from his displeasure.

When Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) took over the administration of the entire country, he raised sufficient crops in the first seven years and reserved the food grain. After those years when drought hit the country, no crops grew and the reserved food was utilized. Lakhs of people were saved from dying. People from far off placed also used to come to Egypt to take the food grain.

One day the brothers of Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) also come there in search of food grains. Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) immediately recognized them but they did not know that the king of Egypt was their brother Yusuf (A.S.). The father of Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) had kept his second son Bin Yameen at home.

Everyone was given a measured quantity of food grains by the government and no one could get more than that. Similarly the brothers of Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) also got the food grains for ten persons. After receiving it, they demanded the shared of their old father and the eleventh brother. Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) accepted their demand but asked them to bring the eleventh brother the next time. If the father cannot come due to old age, then he be left behind, he said.

On the other hand he directed his servants to conceal in their food grain what they had brought with them for payment. This he did because he was very impatient to see his brother and wanted them to return along with him shortly after coming to know about this deed.

On their return home, they told father everything and said they would get the food grain next time only when they took Bin Yameen with them. They also asked him to send Yameen with them and assured to look after him.  Their father replied, “I wonder if, I can trust you any more because I trusted you in the case of his brother. Any way, the real protector is Allah, who is the Beneficent and the Merciful.”

As soon as they opened their stuff which they had brought from Egypt, they were amazed to see that their own stuff had also been returned.  They said to their father “Look father, they have returned our stuff also. What more should we want. We will now certainly go and take Yameen also. We will be responsible for his security.”

“I will not do so unless you affirm and swear by God that; you will certainly bring him back. It will be a different matter if you all get entrapped somewhere,” their father replied. When the affirmed, Hazrat Yaqub (A.S.) said, “we hold Allah as our witness in this matter. My son when you go to the capital or Egypt, do not enter if from one gate but disperse and use separate gates. I can, of course, not save you from what Allah wills because He is the real king. I have put my faith in Him and everybody should do the same.”

Do you see that a Momin makes plans but trusts Allah alone.

The brothers of Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) followed their father’s direction and entered the capital through different gates. But their scheme failed and Allah’s will prevailed upon. A momin                        tries his best but believes in Allah. He knows that his efforts cannot alter Allah’s orders. When these people went to Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.), he called his brother Bin Yameen to him and said, “I am your brother and live with me. Do not worry and forget what these step-brothers have done to you so far.”

When their stuff was loaded and the time of their departure came, someone quietly put the king’s precious bowl into the stuff of Bin Yameen. After they had departed, the search for the bowl began. The worried servants chased them for it. Finally, the approached them and cried out, “You are thieves,” Surprised, they asked them, “What have you lost.” One of them replied, “The bowl of the king has got lost and anyone tracing it will get a camel-load of food grain, I guarantee that it will be rewarded.”

All the brothers said, “You know, we had not come here to spread mischief and we are not thieves. The king’s servants said, “Well, if you are found guilty, what will be your punishment.” “According to our custom, they replied, the one from whose baggage your bowl is discovered should be held back here as punishment.”

After this their goods were searched and at last the bowl was discovered from the stuff of Bin Yameen.  Accordingly he was alone to be held back. In fact Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) did not think it proper at all to punish his brother according to the royal laws of Egypt. He belonged to the family of prophets. What was therefore, Proper for him was to act pay upon Islamic Shari at and Allah also helped him. Allah made the royal servants to ask the punishment for a thief from the caravan people. This helped Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) as he did not have to follow the un-Islamic law of not he inhabitants of Egypt; there was enough excuse for a different regulation for them instead of the Egyptian one. It is true that Allah is Most Merciful, Most Benign. He confers His mercy on who is over He wills. He is All-knowing, All-wise.

When the brothers saw all this, they tried to save their face and said, “No matter if he committed a theft; his brother was also a thief. “Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) was agitated over this allegation but kept silence and uttered no word. He thought how bad those people were to call him a thief on face. Allah is aware of everything including what they were talking, he thought.

Then they all started pleading before Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) and said, “O king, the father of this boy is very old. Please allow him to go and hold back one of us. You are showing mercy on us.” Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) replied, “May Allah forgive me, how is it go possible to release the real culprit and hold another one. If we do so, who will be more cruel then us.”

Disappointed, they began consultation among themselves in a cone. The oldest among them said, “Do not forget that you had sweared by Allah and affirmed about him. You should also keep in mind what you had done in the case of Yusuf (A.S.). As for me, I will not move from here unless our father orders us to do so or Allah creates a situation. You all go to the father and tell him, “O Father, your son has committed theft. We had told you what we knew. We were not aware of the hidden. If you do not believe us, ask the people of the village where we had stayed or the caravan people with whom we came back. We are speaking the truth.” These people returned and told their father everything. Their father replied. “So you have made another big thing easy for you; it looks it is nothing for you if Bin Yameen is held on the charge of theft. Any way, I will remain steadfast. Allah may return both my sons. He is All-knower, All-wise.”

With a heavy heart he recalled Yusuf (A.S.) for a moment and then turned his face from his sons.

He would always weep for the loss of his eyes had turned white. The shock had fallen heavy on his heart. When the sons saw all this, they one day said, “By God, you will finish yourself in the sadness of Yusuf (A.S.).” On this he replied. “I do not plead before any anyone but Allah for all my sadness and pain and I know about Allah what you do there. Do not loss faith in Allah’s mercy as only Kafirs do so.”

According to their father’s order, they again went to Egypt and in the court of the Egyptian ruler. They said, “O ruler, we and our family are in great agony. We have now brought all that we had, please give us fully quantity of food grains and give aims to us. Allah rewards those who give alms.” When Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) heard all this about his family, he could not help to tolerate it, He said, ‘Do you know what did you do with Yusuf (A.S.) and his brother out of your ignorance?” When they heard this, they were taken a back and said, “Are you really Yusuf (A.S.) ?”

“Yes I am Yusuf,” replied Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.),” and he is my brother. Allah has endowed His mercy on us. The fact is that one who fears Allah and suffers agonies steadfastly is sure to get Allah’s reward.”

“By God,” they replied, Allah has raised you to a far higher place than us we have really committed a big mistake.” Then Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) said, “Go, you will not be sent. Take this shirt of mine with you and spread it on the face of my father. His sight will come back. Then you return here with all your family members.”

While these people were still on their way back to home, their father one day said to himself, “I can smell Yusuf somewhere around, don’t tell me that it is an anecdotage.” The people at home, said, “By God, you are still languishing in the old cynicism” At this reply Hazrat Yaqub (A.S.) kept silence and did not repeat it. A few days after this incident the caravan from Egypt arrived and soon the messenger of the good news spread the shirt of Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) on the face of Hazrat Yaqub (A.S.). No sooner was it done than he opened his eyes and could see everything He immediately said, “Would I not say that Allah has endowed me with the knowledge of those things which you do not know?” All the sons said at one voice, “Our dear father, forgive us Pray Allah for the salvation of our sins we have committed a big mistake.” I will certainly pray Allah to forgive you. He is the Forgiver Most Merciful,” their father replied.

After this all of them proceeded for Egypt. When Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) came to know about their arrival there, he came out of the city to receive them. These people met Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) who seated his parents honourably beside him and said to his other family members, “Come along with me and live in the city comfortably”.

After their arrival in the city, Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) seaten his parents on the royal throne. All the people showered great honour on them. Than he said, “Dear father, this is the realization of my dream which I had seen earlier. My Lord has proved it true. It is His obligation that he released me from imprisonment and brought you to me from the desert, although the Satan had left no stone unturned in creating disunity among us. It is true that my Lord is All Knowing and All-Powerful”. Then he prayed Allah, “O my Lord, You endowed me with the rule of the country and wisdom to look deep into matters. O my lord, you have created the Heavens and the Earth. You are the Decider of my fate in the world and the Hereafter Raise me from this earth as true Muslim and my status to that of your noble servants.

Things to Remember

  1. Man has little knowledge. Most of the things he considers as bad some time turn out to be useful for him. And some times things for which he wished considering them as useful prove harmful for him.
  2. Often, agonies do have success in store for a man provided he bears them steadfastly for the pleasure of Allah and always follows His commands.
  3. A true servant of Allah, a Momin, prefers agonies in the way of Allah to all sorts of comforts and luxuries earned by disobeying his God. He gets ready to suffer all agonies while obeying Allah because he tends to believe that the real comforts are those of the world Hereafter. He knows fully well that the agonies of h\this world have are mortal.
  4. Allah often grants honour and comfort on His noble servants in this world besides rewarding him in the Hereafter for his deeds in this world. The more Momin is bestowed Allah’s bounties, the more humble he becomes towards Him. He always seeks to please Him.
  5. The character of those who want to spread virtue on earth should also be free of evils so that when they meet people, they should envy their clean life.
  6. People should be told right things to bring them on the right path at the right time. When an opportunity comes, They should be told everything clearly and openly.
  7. A Momin, and particularly those people who decide to establish Deen on earth, cannot adopt any law except the laws of Shariat.
  8. None other than Allah has knowledge of the hidden things. Whenever He wants He tells something or the other to His prophets and other noble servants. As you saw, Hazrat Yaqub (A.S.) kept weeping for twenty years but did not have enough power to know the real condition of his son Yusuf (A.S.). But when Allah wished, Hazrat Yaqub (A.S.) gained the power to smell his son while the people of the caravan carrying his shirt had just left Egypt and were hundreds of miles away from him.
  9. The greatest task in the life of a Momin is to spread virtue and eliminate evil. He fulfils his miss even at the worst of his days and does not forget his responsibility even if he is given a lot of wealth. Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) preached people the Oneness of Allah and about the Hereafter even in the prison and did not stop it in spite of having ascended the throne of power. On the contrary he put in all his strength to establish the Deen of Allah.
  10. The noble servants of Allah forgive the mistake of their personal enemies even when they possess enough power to take revenge. They do not tease others for their own sake. They punish people only when necessary for the interest of Deen.
  11. Supplication is the greatest might of a Momin. Read carefully the supplication of Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) to Allah and; if possible, find out the exact wordings and translation of it in the Holy Quran, You will see that even after having all bounties of Allah a Momin does not sever his bonds with Allah you should learn the supplication of Hazrat Yusuf (A.S.) by heart.


HAZRAT SULEMAN (Alaihis Salaam)

Hazrat Suleman (A.S.) was the prophet of Allah. His father was Hazrat Daoud (A.S.). His mother was also a very noble lady. Since his childhood, she used to preach him good things. Once she said, “My son Suleman, give up the habit of sleeping the whole night. One who does so does not remember Allah during the night; his good deeds may decrease on the Day of Resurrection.”

Allah had endowed Hazrat Suleman (A.S.) with wisdom and intelligence since his very childhood. Once his father Hazrat Daoud (A.S.) delivering his judgement in a case. Hazrat Suleman (A.S.), who was then only eleven years old, was also sitting beside him. The case was between two persons one of whom had a claim that the goats of the other person had gazed his entire field and destroyed it totally. The loss was estimated as much as the cost of all the goats. Therefore, Hazrat Daoud (A.S.) decided that all the goats should be handed over to the sufferer as reparation.

Hazrat Suleman (A.S.), who was listening to the entire proceeding, intervened and said, “Father, your judgement is absolutely right. The farmer must get his loss repaired. But I have a better idea in my mind. Hazrat Dauoud (A.S.) said, Tell me, my son. What is that idea?” Hazrat Suleman (A.S.) replied, “The herd of these goats should be handed over to the farmer to utilize them and their Milk, The owner of these goats, and the other hand, be asked to sow seed and cultivate a crop in the farmer’s field. When it grows as much as the destroyed one, he should make it as well as the field over to the farmer and take back his goats.”

Hazrat Daoud (A.S.) very much appreciated his son’s decision and approved of it.

Hazrat Daoud (A.S.) also ruled over a very large country. After his death, Allah appointed Hazrat Suleman (A.S.) as His prophet on earth and also made him the ruler of that country. Hazrat Suleman (A.S.) ruled not only on the human beings but Allah had made even birds, animal’s genii and the wind his subservient. He had also particularly blessed Hazrat Suleman (A.S.) with the ability to understand the language of animals. The wind and the genii worked for Hazrat Suleman (A.S.). The wind flew his thrown in a moment from one place to another. He would travel; from one city to another in one day where as an ordinary man can do so in a month. This was all by the strength of Allah, on whose orders the wind took His prophet from one place to another. Today, man can make and fly an aeroplane all over the world with the help of his wisdom which again has been granted by Allah,

Allah, who created man, the animals and everything in the world, also created genii whom we cannot see. The genii are also required to obey Allah’s orders. The genii are good as well as bad. Those genii who have faith in Allah’s prophet’s are good, while those who disbelieve are bad.

Allah had made Hazrat Suleman (A.S.) the king of the genii also. They would obey him and perform the feats which are not possible by man. They would dip into deep oceans and retrieve precious pearl from their bottom for Hazrat Suleman (A.S.). They would build huge castles for him, make weapons for wards, and perform hundreds of such deeds as were out of a man’s capability. This was exclusive blessing of Allah on Hazrat Suleman (A.S.).

Allah had also given uncalculateable wealth to Hazrat Suleman (A.S.). But Hazrat Suleman (A.S.) always deemed it as Allah’s trust and spent it only on the poor and the needy. He never used that wealth for his won comforts and luxuries nor built high palaces with it. To meet his personal needs he used to make baskets and was content with its income.

It is true that to be rich is not bad but to spend the wealth for one’s own comforts and luxuries is bad. Wealth and property are Allah’s trust. A man, who gets this wealth but does not forget Allah, spends it on the poor and needy and according to the will of Allah is a good man.

Hazrat Suleman (A.S.) would spend most of the wealth Allah had given him on the spread of Allah’s Deen and to help the poor and the needy. He also loved horses as these were used in wars in the way of Allah. He had, therefore, many a horses of high breeds at his stable. Out of his love for the horses, once he sent for them which were in thousands. He was pleased to see that the horses were strong and robust. He could not keep from expressing his pleasure and said, “I love them is, in fact, equal to remembering Allah.”

It is true that if a man loves his wealth because he spends it for Allah’s Deen and to help the needy, such love is also like worshipping Allah.

The horses were then withdrawn from Hazrat Suleman (A.S.) It was evening by them. But he again sent for them and this time lovingly started rubbing their ankles and patting on their necks. His love with horses has also been mentioned in the Holy Quran. Allah liked very much how Hazrat Suleman (A.S.) valued the horses which were used in Jihad for the sake of His Deen.

Once, Hazrat Suleman (A.S.) was leading a big caravan to somewhere. The caravan consisted of men genii, manner. The caravan consisted of men genii, animals and birds; All were moving in rows in a proper manner. The carvan reached near a valley where innumerable ants lived. As the carvan drew closer, the chief of the ants said, “O ants, the caravan of Hazrat Suleman (A.S.) are coming. Rush into your moles lest they crush you under their feet without knowing how many ants were killed.”

As Allah had blessed Hazrat Suleman (A.S.) with the ability to understand the language of birds and animals, he heard what the chief of the ants had said. He was pleased to hear it. He smiled and thanked Allah saying, “O Allah, I am very thankful that you not only granted me such a big kingdom but also enabled me to understand the language of animals. It is your great obligation on me. “O Allah enable me to become a thankful servant of Yours, value Your bounties and duly thank for the, O Lord, You sent blessing on my mother and blessed my father with a large kingdom and prophethood. O Allah, enable me to perform such deeds as would please You. O Lord send Your blessings on me and count me among Your noble servants.”

Although it was a small thing, it moved Hazrat Suleman (A.S.) so much that he recalled all the bounties of Allah after hearing the voice of the ant. He thanked offer these bounties and asked Allah to enable him to do good deeds and count him among his noble servants. We should also thank Allah every moment for His bounties; ask Him to enable us to perform good deeds and Pray: “O Allah, count us among your noble servants.”

Hazrat Suleman (A.S.) was the prophet of Allah as well as the monarch of his country. This does not mean that Hazrat Suleman was like the so many other monarchs in the past. Islam is against monarchy because a monarch considers himself the owner of his country and wants to rule over everybody. A monarch who has more strength and army wages war against the one who ahs less strength and army and usurps his country. Thus he goes on expending his kingdom. Besides, a monarch also considers his right at enthrone anybody of his liking after his death. Generally, a monarch’s son take s his father’s place.

Islam disapproves of all this. According to its teachings Allah is the only Lord of the entire universe and has the right to run the affairs of this earth according to His laws. Allah has authorized all those who accept Him as their Lord to select the best from among them as their chief to run the affairs of the country. This man is called a ‘Khaleefa’ (caliph). He does not rule the people according his won laws but follows and makes others to follow the laws which ‘Allah sends from time to time through His prophets.

The prophets of Allah are the best of the man kind. They would also be the caliph of the Muslims. They would follow and make others also to follow the laws of Allah. Allah has not given any family or race or the general public of a country the right to run the affairs of a country or rule on this earth, as is generally considered these days. According to Allah, this right rests only with those noble people who accept Allah as their Lord, believe His laws. It is however, a man’s individual affair whether he believes or disbelieves in Allah and whether he follows His laws or not. If a man becomes so stupid as not to he will be in a loss, here as well as in the Hereafter Such people can only be convinced but not compelled as Islam disapproves of it. Nevertheless, Islam dose not allow anybody to prevent anybody from the Right Path and enforce his won laws is place of those of Allah.

The prophet of Allah comes to this earth to show the people the Right Path. Their mission includes to inform the people about Allah’s will relive them from the clutches of man and make them subservient to Allah. Those who follow there prophets are Muslims. Those who do not accept what they say and worship other than Allah are called Kafir (infidels).

The prophets of Allah do not make Muslims forcibly Just think whether it is possible at all. How can a man become a Muslim unless he rally accepts Allah and his prophets. And nobody’s heart can be changed or corrected. It is a man’s own business to choose his course. The prophets of Allah, however, do not allow a few people to rule over others, prevent them from Allah’s subservience and not allow them to adopt the Right Path. Allah’s prophets wage war against such people and keep them subdued with all their might.

Allah had given Hazrat Suleman (A.S.) tremendous might with which he would destroy the power of the disbelievers No Kafir ruler around his Government ever dared to raise its head. Once he inspected all his army which included genii and bird besides the people. He found that the wood pecker was absent from there. He became angry and said, “Where is wood pecker why is he absent without permission ? Produce him before me when he comes he will be punished severely for his absence. He will be slaughtered if he does not give a rational reason for his absence,”

In the meantime, the wood-pecker was back. When presented before Hazrat Suleman (A.S.) and asked by him where he had been the wood-pecker said, “Hazrat Suleman (A.S.) I have brought a news which was hitherto not ever in you knowledge. While flying, I reached a country which is called the country of “Saba” (Sheeba). It is ruled by a woman and she is the queen of that country. She has every thing including wealth, and a very grand throne, which is very big and costly. In spite of possessing all this, she and her people have forgotten God and worship the sun. Those people are victim of various evils. The satan has so distracted them they have presumed these evils as virtues and are regaling in their infidelity. The Satan has prevented them from the obedience of Allah. They do all things that displease Allah and are happy with that. There is none among them to show them the path of Allah’s obedience and tell them that the sun does not deserve worship. No one is there to tell them that only He should be worshipped who sends rain from the skies, grows trees from beneath the earth which we cannot see before, He is All knowing, He is aware of everything, including what we hide. The fact is that the people of that country have gotten that only Allah deserves warship and everything I the world is His creation and that He is the Lord of this entire universe.”

Hazrat Suleman (A.S.) replied: “Now I want to verify whether what you say is true or wrong. Take this message and deliver it to the queen. Let’s then see what she replies.” In fact, he was very worried after learning that the people and the queen of a neighbouring country were engaged in worshipping the sun and the entire nation was distracted. Therefore, Hazrat Suleman (A.S.) decided to first convey the message of Deen to the queen of that country. He thought if she was convinced and adopted Islamic way by giving up kufr and shirk, associating others with Allah) her people would also follow her. They will also abandon worshipping the sun and worship only Allah.

Keeping all this in view, he wrote the letter to the queen of Saba, which read. This latter is from Suleman (A.S.).  In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful; The real Deen Is the obedience of Allah.  Man has not been created to worship such things as the sun and The moon. He should worship such only Allah and this is our message also. Don’t venture to fight against me in response to this message but the course of peace and security for you is to embrace Islam, accept Allah as your Lord and obey Him as He alone deserves Worship. He created man. If you agree with me, come over here as a Muslim.

The wood-pecker delivered the letter to the Queen of Saba; She was moved after reading it. She called her ministers and Sardars read out the letter to them and asked for their advice in this regard. “As I do not do anything without consulting you.  In this case also I want your opinion,” she said. The Sardars became annoyed and said, “we should not be subdued or fear. We have a big force and we are not going to retreat, We wait for only your command; we will also sacrifice our lives and have it cut with Suleman (A.S.) and his force. As soon as you order us, we will be ready for fighting.”

The queen was a cool-mind and wise lady. After hearing the reaction of the Sardars, he said, “It is true that when a king launches an attack on a country, all the people of that country are crushed and killed of no reason. The crops and orchards are destroyed. The respected people are abased and even the best of them are not spared. Therefore, the talk of war as a first step does no appear to be correct.

“In my opinion, I should first send some costly gifts to Suleman (A.S.) and judge him whether he is a greedy wordly king or truly a prophet of Allah. The courtiers of gifts will also witness with their own eyes how that person is and how much force he has. It will improper to talk of war unless everything is known about him. Any step will be taken only after all the circumstances are known.”

The queen’s argument was quite rational. The sardarwree silent and it was decided that some people take a few gifts to Hazrat Suleman (A.S.). Various costly gifts, including gold and silver, were packed. Besides, horses and servants also formed the gifts. When these people reached Hazrat Suleman (A.S.) along with the gifts, he said: I do not at all need all these things what Allah has given me is far has given me a lot of things. Keep your gifts with you and be happy. I do not need these. My message was different and only that should be given consideration to. It is totally wrong for a man to worship any other than Allah. I am Allah’s prophet and have been sent to show His servants the Right Path. I have no other purpose. You people return to your queen and tell her that I do not need her wealth. I cannot tolerate that you too remain unaware of Allah’s worship and lead other people also on the wrong path. It is my duty to liberate man from man’s slavery and show them the Right Path. Tell your queen if she is not prepared obey Allah, we will bring our forces. They will not be able to face it. We will abase the disobedient to Allah and evacuate them from their habitations. Our mission is the show the Right Path to the people and not accumulate wealth,”

When the queen’s men returned, they told her every thing about Hazrat Suleman (A.S.). The queen was convinced that he was not a wordly king but may be, he was a prophet of Allah. So, she decided to herself meet Hazrat Suleman (A.S.). Meanwhile, Allah sent him a revelation and informed him about it. Hazrat Suleman (A.S.) therefore, decided to perform a unique feat which should convince the queen that he was truly the prophet of Allah. Such a feat is called a “mojaza”, a mircle.

Knowing that the queen’s throne was very costly and grand, Hazrat Suleman (A.S.) wished its presence there before the arrival of the queen. He gathered all his courtiers and said, “I want that the throne of the queen of Saba should be here before her arrival, tell me who of you can do that.” A genii from amongst them replied, “I can do this and the throne will be before you leave the court. I have the power to do this and I am honest also. Not a single part of the throne will be missing.” A sahabi (companion) of Hazrat Suleman (A.S.), who was an honest servant of Allah and a special ma of him, meanwhile, intervened and said, “Hazrat (A.S.), this is just a matter of a moment, the throne will be here.” Just as sahabi completed his sentence the throne was present and Hazrat Suleman (A.S.) was very happy to see that. He declared: “It is by the Grace of my Lord that the throne of the queen of Saba is in my court in a moment. No man can do this. All these feats and miracles are the gifts of Allah. Who is testing me by bestowing such benefits on me? Allah actually wants to ascertain whether I am thankful to Him or Not. I will be the greatest unthankful if I assume that all these feats are result of my strength. The real strength and power is that of Allah and this is because of His Grace alone. Everything is done by His will. One who thanks Allah is in advantage: He does not benefit Allah but his further benefited by Allah. But one who does not thank Him list in a disadvantage and does not accrue any body’s thanks, nor does He need anyone’s help or praise. He is Beneficent, the merciful.”

This is instance of a momin. When a big feat is done by him, he does not claim any credit for that but acknowledges the Greatness of Allah and believes that He is All Powerful and everything is done His order. But a distracted man praises himself for any great feat performed by him and asserts his own greatness. He thinks that he has done that deed by his own power and wisdom and considers it the result of his own hardwork. This is the difference between a Muslim and Kafir. While a Muslim is thankful to Allah and has trust in His power and help, a Kafir has no help. When the throne of Saba’s queen was placed before Hazrat Suleman (A.S.), he said Make some changes in it and change it shape slightly. Let’s see whether the queen recognizes throne or not.”

One day a messenger informed about the arrival of the queen. Hazrat Suleman (A.S.) called her to his place. As soon as she entered it, her eyes fell on the throne. When she was looking at it, Hazrat Suleman (A.S.) asked if her throne was also like that. The queen replied, “It looks the same throne.”

When the queen recognized her throne, Hazrat Suleman (A.S.) told her the entire story and informed her how it had come there in an instant by the Grace of God. The queen replied that such a miracle was no more necessary to convince her. “We had already come to know about you, “The queen said, “we already knew that you are not a wordly king and that is why we were ready to follow you. However, our people, who have been worshipping others than Allah for a long time, could not be reformed immediately and that was a big hurdle.”

Hazrat Suleman (A.S.) did not reply but took her to his palace. His palace was very well built, with its floor made of crystal glass. When the queen reached the courtyard of the palace, she thought that further ahead was deep water. She hesitated to move forward. She was scared to move forward. Hazrat Suleman (A.S.) said to her, “Don’t worry, it is the floor of crystal glass.”

The queen was astonished to see the grandeur of the palace. She saw that on the one hand Hazrat Suleman (A.S.) had all the worldly wealth and such splendid palaces, on the other, he was good-mannered, good charactered and God fearing person. Anybody else in his place would have been proud of all this and totally in-different to others. The queen, however, was convinced that Hazrat Suleman (A.S.) was not an ordinary wordly king but really a prophet of Allah. The she announced before Hazrat Suleman (A.S.) to embrace Islam and said, “O Lord, I have tortured myself by having worshipped the sun instead, of You and bowed my head before others. Now I, with Hazrat Suleman (A.S.) pledge to obey You and affirm that You alone is the Lord of the Universe, the Sustainer of all and none except You deserves worship and obedience.

The queen of Saba became Muslim and the objective of Hadrat Suleiman (A.S.) was thus achieved.

When Hadrat Suleiman (A.S.) was nearing his demise the genii were busy in constructing a building. Hadrat Suleiman (A.S.) had come to know about his death well in advance. He also knew that the genii will continue work on the buildings as long as he was alive but as soon as they came to knew that he was alive but as soon as they came to knew that he was no more, they would just stop the work. Hadrat Suleiman (A.S.) wanted to get the building completed. Therefore, he arranged it so that the genii did not come to know about his death and continued to believe him as alive. He therefore stood before the building under construction resting on his stick and the angle of death took out his soul in the same posture. The genii continued to believe that Hadrat Suleiman (A.S.) was standing resting on his stick and they went on working till and caught the stick, The body of Hadrat Suleiman (A.S.) fell down. The genii could this come to know about his death only after the building was completed. Secondly, the genii who earlier believed that they were aware of the future events were now convinced that only Allah knew about the future. If they were aware of future, they would not have been unaware of his death and would not have suffered the rigours of the construction work.

Some people feel that the genii and the Satans have knowledge about the future. They have been told by this incident that only Allah know about the future. Similarly, those who have faith in astrologers, astronomers, pandits and such other persons are distracted. These people only fire in the darkness. The should not believed.

Things to Remember

  1. To be rich is not bad but to spend wealth on luxuries is bad.
  2. The wealth is also a blessing of Allah, provided man does not forget Him after receiving it, helps the needy and the poor and spends Allah’s wealth according to His will.
  3. The significance of wealth in the eyes of a momin is that he should spend it for Islam and to help the needy.
  4. It is the quality of a momin to thank Allah, for His bounties and not to consider any of his characteristics as his own but a blessing of Allah and thank Him for it.
  5. A momin believes that if he thanks Allah, his wealth will increase. It is not a Momin’s quality to forget Allah after receiving His bounties.
  6. All bounties of Allah are, In fact, for His obedient servants, here as well as in the Hereafter. However Allah’s bounties in the world are for all, momins as well as the Kafir, as a test. But in the Hereafter only the obedient servants of Allah will be entitled for His bounties.
  7. Nobody can be forced to reconcile with Iman and Islam. Had it been so, Allah would have made everybody a Momin and nobody would dare disobey Him. Instead, Allah has set every man to liberty. Now it is man’s choice between His obedience and disobedience.
  8. A momin also resorts to the use of force for Allah but he does so only when it become impossible to teach the people right things through preaching and when kufr becomes a hurdle in the way of Deen. Even such use of force is subject to certain conditions. This is not an ordinary man’s job.
  9. None except Allah has knowledge of the concealed and even the prophets are ignorant about the future Although Allah had given Hazrat Suleman (A.S.) every authority and power on all His creation but he to lacked knowledge of the concealed. For instance, he had to search where the wood-pecker had disappeared.
  10. A momin always considers his feats. How so ever big they may be not as his own but a blessing of Allah. Contrary to it a rebel boasts of his successes and asserts, “I have done this, I have done that,” He considers his mind and strength as supreme and he attributes his successes to his own efforts.
  11. The genii and the satan are also ignorant of the concealed like man, None except Allah is aware of the future. The astrologers, pandits and astronomers only throw arrow in the dark. Belief in such things makes one’s Iman falter.

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